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Elon Musk Unleashes on NBC in Brutal Takedown, Drops Names of Hunter Biden, Weinstein and Lauer in 1 Tweet

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NBC News host Medhi Hassan, one of the most pompous and unappealing individuals on television, issued a warning Sunday about billionaire Elon Musk and his purchase of the social media giant Twitter.

“It’s easy in American discourse to talk simplistically about the far left and the far right as two equally dangerous fringe blocks. Elon Musk has done it plenty of times just in the past week,” Hassan said on his MSNBC show.

“But here’s the difference,” he said. “America’s far left wants to give us free health care and free child care. America’s far right wants to give us white supremacy and no democracy.

“And this asymmetrical polarization of U.S. politics would be laughable if it weren’t so horrifying. We are living through an unspeakably dangerous moment, the pro-QAnon, pro-neo-Nazi faction of the Republican Party is poised to expand dramatically come the midterms. We’re just two years away from Donald Trump very possibly reseizing executive power.

“If that happens, we may look back on this past week as a pivotal moment, when a petulant and not-so-bright billionaire casually bought one of the world’s most influential messaging machines and just handed it to the far right.”


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The British-American host was wrong on two points.

First, Hassan painted Musk as a Republican because he supports free speech. However, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is neither a Republican nor a conservative. He voted for President Barack Obama. As Democrats moved further to the left, Musk’s political beliefs stayed where they’d always been, and the gulf between them grew wider.

Do you think the far left is a bigger threat than the far right?

Musk is a patriot. He understands that America was founded upon freedom and should never abandon that principle.

Second, Hassan defined the far left as those who want to give us free health care and free child care. That might be true, but far-left extremists’ motives for doing so are not altruistic. Their goal is to make citizens completely dependent upon the government because people are much easier to control that way.

When Grabien founder Tom Elliott tagged Musk in a Twitter clip of Hassan’s comments, the billionaire unleashed on NBC and its host.

Musk has watched the legacy media’s collective move away from the practice of real journalism. He knows most of them have become little more than shills for the Democratic Party.

In a brutal takedown, he called out NBC for its suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which arguably cost former President Donald Trump the 2020 election, and attacked the news organization for two actions during the #MeToo movement: killing the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment story and enabling former “Today” host Matt Lauer, who was accused of sexual assault.


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“NBC basically saying Republicans are Nazis … Same org that covered up Hunter Biden laptop story, had Harvey Weinstein story early & killed it & built Matt Lauer his rape office,” Musk tweeted.

“Lovely people,” he added.

Those on the left are freaking out because they thought they’d already silenced most of those who disagree with them on social media.

Musk’s purchase of Twitter is changing that, and it must be a great shock.

The Democratic Party has become radicalized over the past five or six years. Perhaps it was Trump Derangement Syndrome that drove them to such extremes.

No matter how they got there, the Democrats represent the greatest existential threat the United States faces today.


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