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Elon Musk Teases New Social Media Platform

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PLEASE let it happen!!

Every journalist, writer, reporter, media personality, etc is essentially forced to use Twitter because it’s the only game in town for what we do.

Sure there are other social media platforms out there, but they are just as censorship heavy, and they don’t even have the same utility that Twitter does.

Twitter is essentially a platform to disseminate news, stories, and media—the platform of choice for anyone who writes on political, social, or financial topics.

This wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t blatantly pro-left, and one of the most aggressive censors of free speech on the internet…

On any given day, Twitter can label the truth as ‘misinformation’, punish users who differ from leftist, statist, and Marxist views, and destroy accounts that took years to build.

Twitter’s policies often make no sense, and that is why this recent tease by Elon Musk has everybody talking…

In an ironic post, Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to ask:

Washington Examiner believes that these questions are hints that Musk plans to launch his own social media platform:

In February, Musk returned the favor when he alleged the SEC was harassing him and trying to “chill” his free speech.

If the billionaire goes through with constructing a new platform, the alternative network would join the likes of Rumble, Gettr, and Parler.


Conservative Brief reported many high profile responses to Musk’s recent comments, including this from Eric Weinstein:

“We need to invent something that fills this space that hasn’t existed…yet.

There are, unfortunately, several challenges that have prevented every previous attempt from working.

This is very much an analytic problem of a particular kind. It’s not just lack of desire. Good luck,” podcast host Eric Weinstein said.

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