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EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak Wants $1 Trillion of Your Tax Dollars for ‘Pandemic Prevention’

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After receiving research grants funneled by Anthony Fraudci to collaborate with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak wants $1 trillion of your tax dollars.

Daszak has demanded Biden invest nearly $1 trillion into “pandemic prevention.”

Daszak is well-known for his work with Chinese Communist Party collaborators at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and the cover-up of COVID-19’s origins.

The National Pulse had the scoop:

Now, the disgraced scientist is demanding the U.S. taxpayer shoulder the burden of protecting against his work manipulating “killer” pathogens by funding new “protections” to the tune of nearly one trillion dollars over the coming years.

The sizable ask is made in a new opinion editorial published by Fortune magazine, and comes amidst ongoing scrutiny over Daszak’s research in conjunction with the Chinese lab suspected by many as being responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite this, Daszak is doubling down with his calls for earmarking massive amounts of U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund his research purportedly aimed at “pandemic prevention.”

“The Biden administration clearly needs to invest much more money to prevent and prepare for another pandemic,” Daszak and his three co-authors explain in their April 11th op-ed, “Here’s how much the Biden administration should be investing in infrastructure to prevent another pandemic.”

Daszak proposes an initial investment worth over $500 billion, which would ultimately be increased to $829 billion with “annual investments to maintain capacity”:

Under reasonable assumptions, our analysis predicts maximum gains arise from an initial investment of $511 billion, followed by a steady increase of up to $829 billion and supported by annual investments to maintain capacity. The returns to these investments would range between $9-$15 in benefits per dollar invested. Altogether, our proposed investments in capacity could generate up to $10.4 trillion in expected avoided damages to society, as well as avoiding immeasurable human suffering.

The co-authors also stated in Fortune:

These investments generate returns that can be broken down into three different sources. The first is considered a risk-free rate of return, in the sense of a return generated from healthcare capacity that can be used before a pandemic. For example, healthcare facilities, doctors, nurses, beds, labs, and other resources help society outside of pandemic events.

The second source is from reductions in the probability of a pandemic occurring. Self-protection–the ability to detect outbreaks early on, perform contact tracing, and rush response to outbreaks–would allow the U.S. to avoid future pandemics. The third source is self-insurance: reducing the costs of a pandemic if it does occur. This involves having sufficient hospital capacity, the ability to quickly develop vaccines and therapeutics, and lower the cost of a pandemic that does occur.

As background risks increase with continued environmental change and globalization, the relative importance of self-protection increases. These prevention investments would give us the capacity to detect and respond to outbreaks early while they’re small.

As the risk of future pandemics increases over time, we believe each of these three different returns provides ample incentive to invest more in health preparedness capacity in the U.S.

Daszak’s call for “pandemic prevention” funding appears to be another cog in the globalist health machine that institutions like the WHO and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are priming for the global population.

Bill Gates introduced his GERM team idea at his recent TED Talk presentation.

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The WHO is working on a ‘Pandemic Treaty‘ to strip nations’ sovereignty to make their own policies during a health crisis.

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