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Disney Releases ‘Gayest Movie’ for Kids Yet (VIDEO)

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Disney has released what has been described as the “gayest kid’s movie yet,” as it continues to push the LGBTQ agenda and groom children.

Disney+ this month released a musical comedy aimed at pre-teens titled ‘Better Nate Than Ever.’

The film features 13-year-old Nate (Rueby Wood) who is upset about losing the audition for his high school musical and who goes on a trip to New York City with dreams of winning a part in a Broadway play.

Watch the official trailer below:


Breitbart reported:

While the movie never affixes the label of “gay” to its young star, according to the Daily Beast, the movie is an homage to every gay kid who loves stage plays and musicals.

Better Nate Than Ever, which just may be the most gay-positive and encouraging youth programming that Disney has ever released,” the Beast reported on Friday.

Rueby Wood, the film’s 15-year-old star, is frequently seen in gender-bending garb. At the film’s premier, he wore a black frock festooned with a colorful rock necklace, fruit-tart finger rings, and colorful, long fake fingernails.

The Daily Beast gushed over the gayness of the film.

“The film, in the most beautiful sign of progress and the greatest compliment I can give, is something I desperately wish I had when I was growing up,” the site enthused. “It’s a love letter to kids—to theater kids, and most specifically theater kids who were made to feel shy or ashamed about who they were and how they acted, and who probably, almost 100 percent of the time, grew up to be gay.”

The film’s director, Tim Federle, also noted that the film was specifically intended to further the LGBTQ agenda, and recently celebrated Disney’s high rating from the radical LGBTQ organization, GLAAD.

“In my several years with the company now, I was heartened to see we won the GLAAD award, we had the first-ever same gender kiss. And what I wanted to bring to this was a slightly younger POV of a middle-schooler discovering. For me, who didn’t grow up with a movie like this, I know this movie would have made me feel seen and a lot less alone,” Federle told Variety.

Federle commented on Florida’s legislation that forbids teaching K-3 children about sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Ultimately, good representation does not cancel out bad legislation,” he said. “And what I’m hopeful for is that these first steps Disney’s taking now are only the first steps towards making the world a truly safer and more inclusive space.”

Disney vowed to fight Florida’s ‘Parental Rights in Education‘ bill.

Governor DeSantis Signs Anti-Grooming Bill Into Law; Disney Vows to Fight Legislation

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