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DISGUSTING! Video Shows Young Children Getting COVID-19 Tests in the Street, Refuse to Answer if Parental Consent Given (VIDEO)

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A viral clip shows why parents must know what schools are doing to do to their children.

In the video, a man confronted a COVID-19 mobile testing unit conducting COVID tests on a group of young kids.

The tests were being administered outside the school and in the middle of the street.

The gentleman approached the adults supervising the young children and taking them to receive the COVID-19 tests.

“Do the parents know you guys are doing this to the kids?” he asked.

“What?” one of masked adults responded.

“Do the parents know that you’re doing this to the kids?” he replied.

After she ignored him, he asked: “Do you have parent consensual forms to do this to the kids?”

“Do the parents know that you’re doing it to these kids?”

He asked the test administrator, “Excuse me ma’am do you know if the parents have consent to do this?”

She also ignored his questions.

Because of their refusal to answer his questions, he shouted “no consent!”

“This is disgusting!”

“Indoctrinating our kids!”

“No parent consent,” he said.


While it’s unclear if parental consent was received to conduct these COVID tests, it’s disgusting that any child be subjected to these faulty, dangerous nasal swabs.

DISTURBING IMAGE: 5-Year Old Girl Forced to Take COVID-19 Test to Return to School Comes Home Bleeding From Nose & Eyes

Children have zero risk of severe COVID-19 complications.

Testing children indoctrinates them to fear an illness no more dangerous than the common cold.

This message now appears when you go to the LabQ website:

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