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Dirtbag Bill Barr Who Willfully Ignored DOJ Criminal Spying on Trump and 2020 Election Fraud Says Trump Should Not be GOP’s Candidate in 2024

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Former Attorney General Bill Barr was out shooting his mouth off again on Thursday. The former failed Attorney General, who had an opportunity to clean out the corrupt Department of Justice and FBI but DIDN’T, has been making the rounds lately trying to resurrect his image after willfully ignoring the greatest crime of the century — the stolen 2020 election.

Bill Barr allowed the DOJ to get away with spying on candidate Trump, attempting a coup against President Trump, and pushing an impeachment against Trump based on a call to the Ukrainian leader based on Hunter Biden’s crimes when BILL BARR was in possession of the laptop from hell.

Before, during, and after the 2020 election Bill Barr ignored reports of ballot trafficking, ignored reports of GOP observers being pushed out of counting rooms, shut down the USPS trailer trafficking investigation, ignored the mysterious call to shutdown counting early in swing states, and ignored the late night ballot dumps.

Bill Barr needs to go away.

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Business Insider reported:

Former Attorney General William Barr said this week that he thought the Republican Party would be making a “big mistake” if it picked Donald Trump as its 2024 presidential nominee.

Barr made the statement during a Thursday appearance on the Newsmax show “Spicer & Co.” He told host Sean Spicer, a fellow Trump administration alum, that he thought Trump should not be on the GOP’s 2024 ticket.

“I don’t think he should be our nominee — the Republican Party nominee,” Barr said. “And I think Republicans have a big opportunity — it would be a big mistake to put him forward.”

While Trump has not formally declared that he will be running for president in 2024, he has dropped major hints about doing so. For instance, in January, he called himself the “45th and 47th” president in a video filmed by a golfing buddy.

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