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Did Quebec Pass a Law Giving the State Full Control as Primary Caregiver and Decision Maker for Children?

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The National Assembly of Quebec on April 14th unanimously adopted Bill 15 into law.

Bill 15 is an Act to amend the Youth Protection Act and other legislative provisions.

It has caused an uproar in the province for overhauling the principle of parental primacy.


Chris Sky addressed Bill 15 on his Instagram.

PARENTAL PRIMACY is the law that states PARENTS are the number 1 care giver and decision maker. Quebec REMOVED parental primacy so now THE STATE is in charge. Dont jab or mask your kids? The state can deem you “unfit” and take your children. I WARNED YOU. They are COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN.

CTV News reported:

Bill 15, adopted unanimously Thursday in the National Assembly, promises to prioritize the interests of children over all other considerations, including the interests of parents.

The new law will facilitate the placement of children into foster care, overhauling the principle of parental primacy, which favours keeping children within their biological families — even in cases of neglect and abuse.

The bill, spearheaded by Social Services Minister Lionel Carmant, will also ease confidentiality rules, allowing personal information to be shared about children to be shared among authorities and caregivers.

“This change, for me, was non-negotiable. Too many families have been broken up because of this notion. I don’t want it anymore,” said Carmant.

According to Carmant, the legislation will also focus on streamlining access to government services for children in foster care approaching adulthood.

The Montreal Gazette wrote in December:

Ensuring the child is provided with a stable environment as quickly as possible will be a government priority, overruling the principle of parental primacy when social workers or judges are called upon to decide the fate of children in need of a stable living environment.

Quebec Premier François Legault described the tabling of the bill as a historic moment.

“Putting the child’s interest first, before the natural family, before the interest of biological parents” is at the heart of the reform, he said.

What will be the Quebec government’s definition of a “stable living environment?”

That’s what has parents rightfully fearful for the protection of their children.

Read the controversial bill HERE.

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