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Did Mayor of Chicago Just Declare a “Call to Arms” About Supreme Court Abortion Ruling?

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Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has taken time out of her busy schedule presiding over one of the most violent cities in America to rally the troops when it comes to the abortion fight at the Supreme Court. This seems like a poor way to prioritize. I mean, the numbers aren’t great for Chicago.

But I suppose with those numbers if there is anyone most qualified to speak on the ending of innocent life it would be the Mayor of Chicago.

Lori Lightfoot wasted little time letting America know where she stands on the issue. Gateway Pundit has more on this.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) on Monday night called for violence and issued a “call to arms” in reaction to the Supreme Court.

Lightfoot, like other Democrats, falsely claimed the Supreme Court’s impending decision to overturn Roe v Wade will also lead to ‘restrictions’ on the LGBTQ community.

Here is the actual tweet. Have a look.

It’s important to note that she has yet to delete this tweet. In fact, she DOUBLED down!

This is troubling for many reasons. On a moral level, the seeming call to violence because of something you do not agree with is problematic.  It’s also a bad look for Lightfoot because it confirms her hypocrisy as this Twitter user points out.

The same lady that condemned violence before is now seemingly in favor of it. How odd.

It’s true. Based on her statements and using the low bar democrats set for President Trump, this is crossing the line.

What the mayor is declaring on her Twitter is not just for show. In fact, she’s already committed to making Chicago an “Oasis” for abortions.

Things regarding abortion are hitting a fever pitch in this nation. In the midst of all of it, what the Left has been hiding behind a polite curtain is starting to come out on full display. This is not about women’s rights, it’s about an insatiable desire to end the lives of the unborn. And for what? What is the goal?

Hopefully, politicians like Lightfoot will keep putting their position on display for America to see. There is no greater way to mobilize on-the-fence voters than for Democrats to share what’s really on their mind.


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