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DHS Documents Reveal Planned ‘Broadscale Release Mechanisms’ of Illegal Aliens After Border Surge

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New Department of Homeland Security documents published Monday revealed that the Biden administration is preparing “broadscale release mechanisms” of illegal aliens for the upcoming spring surge at the southern border.

Breitbart Texas’s Randy Clark obtained the document, which is designated “for official use only” and described as exempt from public release under the Freedom of Information Act.

The document, titled “Southwest Border Mass Irregular Migration Contingency Plan,” paints a troubling picture of an agency unequipped to respond to a spring surge of illegal immigration that may be historic in scale.

DHS describes “current pathways to removal” as “limited,” in what could be called a disturbing bureaucratic attack on immigration enforcement.

“Component use of broadscale release mechanisms (i.e., Own Recognizance (OR) with issuance of a Notice to Appear (NTA), or parole and Alternatives to Detention (ATD)) with administrative tools are necessary to ensure humane and efficient treatment of migrants,” summarizes Clark, himself a 32-year Border Patrol veteran.


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The document reveals that a majority of illegal aliens handed notices to appear in court before being released into American communities fail to show up at their court hearings.

“Alternatives to detention” will be utilized at a greater scale in response to the surge.

The approach of mass releases will follow the end of Title 42, a Trump-era border policy that allowed the quick expulsion of illegals on the basis of coronavirus public health grounds.

Is Biden setting up a border crisis of historic proportions?

Such a policy will all but invite even more illegal immigration, with Border Patrol officials already expecting that 2 million people will seek to infiltrate the southern border in the Fiscal Year 2022.

Customs and Border Protection estimates that 300,000 illegals have successfully evaded law enforcement at the border since the start of the Fiscal Year in October.

Most illegal aliens willingly hand themselves over to U.S. authorities, expecting amnesty and legal residency in an immigration law system all but rigged for non-citizens.

Existing immigration detention capacity is already full, with Title 42 slated to end on May 23.

Four Democratic senators have condemned Biden for the termination of Title 42, admitting frankly that the administration’s policies are woefully incapable of securing the southern border.


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Sen. Joe Manchin even called Biden’s termination of the policy “frightening.”

The plan for “broadscale release mechanisms” follows reports of the Biden administration seeking to reassign Department of Veteran’s Affairs doctors to provide healthcare for illegal aliens at the border.


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