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DeSantis Supporters Overpower Screaming Liberals with Their Own Patriotic Chant

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Ron DeSantis supporters acted decisively when leftists sought to interrupt the Florida governor’s Sunday rally near Miami.

Democratic operative Thomas Kennedy shared footage of what appeared to be two individuals disrupting the event.

“You are a tyrant and a coward,” one man yelled at DeSantis.


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The man sought to continue speaking — rattling off a talking point about DeSantis’ use of “government force” — but he was quickly drowned out by the loud boos of DeSantis supporters.

The crowd began an enthusiastic “USA” chant, responding to the disturbance with American patriotism.

One woman shouted several left-wing insults over the crowd’s chants.

“Fascist! You’re a fascist. Racist.”

An individual can be heard cursing loudly in Spanish at the end of the video, but it’s not clear if he was directing the slur at DeSantis or the hecklers interrupting him.

Online observers noted that the hecklers were easily drowned out by DeSantis supporters, questioning the point of the stunt.

DeSantis touted his support for parental rights in education during the speech, according to WTVJ-TV. The governor signed legislation in March that prohibits classroom instruction on homosexuality and gender identity before the fourth grade.


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The first heckler could’ve been referring to DeSantis’ move to strip Disney of its privileges under Florida’s tax regime.

In April, DeSantis yanked away generous tax exemptions that saved the woke company billions of dollars.

The company had criticized DeSantis’ parental rights law, often labeled the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by its critics.

DeSantis doesn’t have an opponent in Tuesday’s Florida primary elections. The conservative heavyweight has delivered rally speeches for Republicans in hotly contested states across the country.

Some Republicans point to DeSantis as a potential 2024 presidential contender. DeSantis consistently comes in second place behind former President Donald Trump in GOP opinion polling.

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