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Democrats Need ‘Struggles in the Street’ to Undo Trump, White Evangelical Agenda

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Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, Jr., on Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” called for Democrats to have struggles in the street to combat the agenda of white Evangelicals implemented by former President Donald Trump.

When asked what voters the Democrats can get energized, Glaude said, “We see it among workers who have seen their quality of life deteriorate. We know that there are opportunities among young people who are coming of age in a world that’s broken. We know there are opportunities among black and Latino voters for the Democratic Party to begin to put forward a vision.”

He continued, “Not only is there transactionalism vis-a-vis Donald Trump and white Evangelical community, but there’s a kind of transactionalism from the white Evangelical community toward Donald Trump. They needed a strong man to implement their vision of the world. And they’ve been fighting and organizing for 50 and 60 years for this. We can go back to Paul Weyrich and others, Robert Billings and others debates around Brown v. Board of Education, debates about safe schools, debates about the IRS clamping down on Christian schools. We can go down the line about the reaction to the women’s movement, the reaction to the gay liberation movement.”

Glaude added, “But it seems to me that the Democratic Party, has been pushed by struggles in the street, have been pushed by movements in the street. I don’t know what’s its agenda — what is its agenda is, apart from those movements. So, what is the passion? As I said last time, I’m not sure. I’m still struggling to figure it out. But maybe it has to be from ordinary people in the streets demanding a different kind of world than what white Christian Evangelicals are arguing and fighting for.”

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