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Democrats Credit Donald Trump’s Impact on Ohio’s GOP Primary

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Democrats and media personalities on Tuesday acknowledged Donald Trump’s impact on Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance’s GOP primary win.

In April, Trump endorsed Vance. Polling showed Trump’s immediate impact on the race, and Vance never looked back.

Tom Nichols, a contributing writer for the Atlantic, gave Trump the credit for Vance’s win in the hotly contested primary.

“I am torn by Schadenfreude about Vance vs Mandel; two truly terrible people who both stuck their heads deep into Donald Trump’s colon, and only one of them could win, so I was gonna hate it no matter who won, but my God, both souls went for bargain basement rates,” he said. 

Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin said Vance won because he is a “Trumpist nut job.”

“All those Dolan voters should get to know Tim Ryan. If they don’t want to criminalize all abortions, want people who respect election results and actually think govt is there to solve problems he might be their guy.. cause JD Vance is a Trumpist nut job,” she stated.

Left-wing pundit Ron Filipkowski explained how Trump’s endorsement played out in polling data.

“Vance was in 4th with 9% in the polls when he received the Trump endorsement. Trump is the only reason he won the primary – something he will remind Vance of every single day. Trump owns Vance,” he said. 

Bill Kristol, editor at large at the Bulwark, said, “When Trump talks, Republicans listen.”

“When Trump endorsed Vance, on April 15, Vance was third at about 10%, behind Mandel and Gibbons each at 21%. Without Trump’s endorsement, Vance almost certainly stalls out at 10%, and finishes fourth. When Trump talks, Republicans listen,” he said.

Tyler Buchanan, who is affiliated with Axios, said Vance got lucky with Trump’s endorsement.

“It was a high risk, high reward strategy. Vance got lucky, they didn’t. One wonders if the others wish they could have a do-over & at least run a year-long campaign on their own terms, telling their own story, highlighting their own plans. Alas, that’s the story of the Trump GOP,” he said.

Republicans also celebrated Vance’s win, while crediting the America First movement:

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