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Democrats Are Worried – Biden’s Handlers Slip in Language Twice to Re-fund the Police in His Latest Public Statement on Sacramento Shooting

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For the past two years Democrats have repeatedly called to defund the police. There’s even a video montage of Democrats calling to defund the police that includes top Democrats like Pelosi, Kamala Harris and AOC.

This was their rallying cry.

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Democrats even passed a $2.2 trillion spending bill called the “Heroes Act” in October 2020 after a summer of continuous BLM-Antifa rioting. The bill did not fund the police during this time of these historic riots.

Since that time crime and homicides have soared in Democrat-run cities across the country.

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But now that there is a midterm coming up Democrats are playing pretend again.

Joe Biden gave a talk on Sunday on the mass shooting outside a bar in Sacramento. His handlers included language TWICE about re-funding the police.

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