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Democrats Are Trying to Codify Roe V. Wade By Ending the Fillibuster Today

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Immediately after the SCOTUS leak happened and a copy of the draft to overturn Roe V. Wade went public, politicians and woke activists went into a coordinate frenzy of outrage. After nearly a week since the leak, evidence suggests that it was leaked by the Left in order to intimidate Supreme Court Justices using public sentiment and anger.

But SCOTUS was never meant to bend to public opinion. It is only meant to interpret the law and to eradicate legislation or rules that do not fall in line with that ideal.

Almost as coordinated as their outrage, was their response to how to fight the Supreme Court decision. Liberal lawmakers started demanding certain things.

They declared that the way to fight this was to take the decision and choice out of the Supreme Court entirely. By Codifying Roe V. Wade, they would essentially make it the law of the land. But that brought them to their second ask of the American people and lawmakers wanting to make nice with the radical left. End the filibuster.

Bernie Sanders raged about it on his Twitter shortly after the leak happened.

The reason for this massive push is because Democrats know that they don’t have the votes to move forward on writing a bill to codify Roe V. Wade. Daily Mail explains the situation:

Chuck Schumer will try to overcome a Republican filibuster Wednesday in an attempt to codify Roe v. Wade into law, but the Democratic Senate leader doesn’t have the votes needed to make the landmark abortion case federal law.

The problem is they tried this in February and it didn’t work.

The attempt comes after Democrats tried to get the same bill through in February, but the measure has more urgency now that a Supreme Court leak shows a draft opinion that would overturn 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that made abortion constitutionally protected.

They don’t have the votes. Not all democrats are on board with the plan and they would also need several Republicans to come over to their side. That is unlikely to happen. Republicans may be spineless in many ways but they know where their bread is buttered. Voting for Roe V. Wade would spell the end of their careers.

While Democrats try to invoke culture on the Women’s Health Protection Act and stop a GOP filibuster – three senators will be able to stop that effort and prevent the bill from going for a full floor vote.

Moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia will not support a cloture vote and already went against his party on the same abortion bill earlier this year.

Democrats were hoping to sway Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, both pro-choice, to vote with them to make up for Manchin’s defecting. But it’s unlikely that either, or both, will flip on the issue from when they last voted against it as recently as February.

It’s an uphill battle for the Left and they know it. It’s already been drafted and passed the House but the difficulty is with the Senate.

It’s ironic that the only people keeping the filibuster in place and thus allowing Republicans to have one last weapon to wield are some Democrats.

Manchin and Democratic Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema have stopped their party from getting rid of the filibuster in order for the slim majority to be able to jam through whatever legislation they desire without the need for 60 votes to bring it to the floor.

The reason why the Left is fighting so hard to get past the filibuster is far more than the issue at hand. Without that check in place, they would have complete freedom to push through whatever they wanted before they likely lose power in November.

We are about to pass a bill giving $40 billion to Ukraine. Imagine the amount of spending that would happen if they no longer required Republican support.

Keep an eye out today, the demand for the codifying of Roe V. Wade and the ending of the filibuster will get louder and louder.



Liberals are coming out in force. Hopefully conservatives can respond with the same level of of intensity. The only difference is that we will follow the rule of law when we do.

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