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Democrat U.S. Senator Suffers Stroke During Speech

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Democrat U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland just suffered a stroke.

In a Sunday night tweet, Sen. Chris Van Hollen announced that he had a stroke while giving a speech in Western Maryland.

The Senator started to feel lightheaded and felt major pain in his neck which caused him to seek medical attention.

Previous Sen. Van Hollen has been a big promoter of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Fox News had more on the story:

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., was hospitalized this weekend following a stroke, the senator revealed Sunday night.

“This weekend, after feeling lightheaded while delivering a speech, I sought medical attention at the recommendation of the Attending Physician,” Van Hollen posted on Twitter. “I’m feeling much better but will follow doctors’ orders and curtail my schedule for the next few days.”

He posted a full statement, saying, “I was admitted to George Washington University hospital after experiencing lightheadedness and acute neck pain while I was delivering a speech in Western Maryland.”

“Earlier today, an angiogram indicated that I had experienced a minor stroke in the form of a small venous [sic] tear at the back of my head,” the senator added. “Fortunately, I have been informed that there are no long-term effects or damage as a result of this incident, but my doctors have advised that out of an abundance of caution I remain under observation for a few days.”

In the state of Pennsylvania, the leading Democrat in the U.S. Senate race also had a stroke.

The Post Millennial had these detail to share:

Lt. Governor John Fetterman, Democrat candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania, suffered a stroke on Friday and was rushed to the hospital, where he has remained through the weekend. He has said that despite the stroke, he will be staying in the Senate race. He remains hospitalized at the time of publication.

Fetterman posted to Twitter, alerting constituents as to his condition. He reported that he wasn’t feeling well, and was content to ignore it, but that his wife Gisele insisted that he get checked out.

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