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Democrat “Super Lawyer” Accused Of Lying To The Court, Lawsuit Tossed!

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For many conservatives, the results of the 2020 elections were a surprise. Worse, many of our leaders seemed to be behind the eight-ball as well. While the elections may have been affected because of corruption, it was the lack of foresight to anticipate the opposition by our conservative leaders that ultimately let it happen.

Disagree with their principles all you want but you have to hand it to the Left, they never rest when it comes to pushing their agenda. You won’t find left-wing radicals sitting on a singular victory for very long.

Liberals are relentless, something that the Republican Party could use a heavy dose of. One area that Democrats work extremely hard at is making sure they exploit every loophole to ensure elections go their way.

What happened in 2020 was the result of a strategy implemented by the Left after their surprise loss in 2016. A couple of years after the fact, it’s evident that while the Right were playing catch-up, the Left were executing something they had put in place for a long time.

A key way Democrats have determined the outcomes of elections has been in lobbying local and federal lawmakers to implement laws that work in their favor and fight laws that would work against them. They achieve this by filing lawsuits and litigating things to death until the opposition eventually relents.

One of the Left’s favorite weapons to use is Democratic super-lawyer, Marc Elias. This man is considered an “attack dog” for a reason.

For those that are unfamiliar, Marc Elias is a partner at Elias Law Group and the head of Democracy Docket, an organization intent on fighting for the election interests of the Democratic Party. His organization has been hard at work filing countless lawsuits aimed at undercutting Republicans in the next election cycle.

Elias’ team has been at the center of re-mapping efforts in Florida and Louisiana among other states.

The Washington Free Beacon gives us an even idea of what this man has had his hands in.

…the man former president Barack Obama tapped to lead his post-presidential initiative to expand “voting rights” and the Democratic Party’s premier legal attack dog. Just last week, Special Counsel John Durham accused Elias, who represented Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign—and who every election cycle counts virtually every powerful Democrat as a client—of lying about his relationship with the opposition research firm he retained to assist that campaign.

In an attempt to shield communications between Fusion GPS and Rodney Joffe, a firm client hawking Russian collusion theories, Elias told Durham that he retained Fusion to support his legal work—and that, as a result, it is subject to attorney-client privilege. Durham was not having it: “The factual record and Fusion GPS’s own communications raise serious questions about this depiction,” he wrote.

This man has been described as ruthless in his approach in court. He’s been known to use every tool in the book no matter how questionable.

New developments in recent court cases Marc Elias has filed, spells troubling news for Democrats. It seems that judges are getting fed up with Elias’ antics. In fact, it’s getting pretty bad. The Washington Free Beacon has the details:

Marc Elias, the left’s go-to attack dog, is laughed out of court, accused of lying to the special counsel, and on the losing end of several voting-rights cases.

These are not conservative, Trump appointed judges either. One particular judge was put in office by Democrat darling, Bill Clinton.

It’s not every day that a federal judge calls a lawsuit from one of the country’s top lawyers a nasty and partisan “Hail Mary pass” intended to undermine free and fair elections.

But that’s what happened on Wednesday when U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, a Clinton appointee, tossed out a lawsuit brought by Democratic superlawyer Marc Elias.

Even members of his own party are getting tired of his approach. Many of them are claiming he is actually hurting the party rather than helping.

Elias’s tactics are now drawing rebukes from judges, prosecutors, and even fellow Democrats, who say his hard-charging nature is hurting the party. Elias is publicly reeling. He last month scrubbed years of posts from his Twitter feed and hasn’t explained why.

The move comes less than a year after he decamped from the white-shoe law firm Perkins Coie to found his own law firm—ostensibly to engage “more fully” in the “political process,” though some speculate the firm was increasingly uncomfortable with Elias’s tactics and the scrutiny of the Durham probe. Durham indicted Elias’s partner, Michael Sussman, a month after Elias left.

With his partner Michael Sussman already under indictment, the waters are getting rough for Marc Elias. His win-rate has taken a massive hit.

His most brutal condemnation came at the hands of a New York Judge:

The Federalist expands on what the judge said:

In a 17-page complaint, Elias, who is infamous for using deception, lies, and money to meddle with U.S. elections and push Democrats to the top, used his law firm to ask the district court to reconsider the Democrat-drawn House maps which would likely grant the leftist party three extra seats in the 2022 midterms.

Instead of reinstating the Democrat-drawn lines rejected by the state Court of Appeals, Kaplan, who was appointed to his bench by former President Bill Clinton, shunned the Democrats for trying to erode “free, open, rational elections [and] respect for the courts.”

“In the 102 years since my father, then a Ukrainian refugee, came into this country, if there were two things that he drilled into my head, they were … free, open, rational elections [and] respect for the courts,” Kaplan wrote. “The relief that I’m being asked to give today impinges, to some degree, on the public perception of both. And I’m not going to do that.”

In fact, it seems that the hammer is about to drop regarding his conflicts of interest in regards to the 2020 elections. John Durham is getting ready to come for him.

Durham on May 2 submitted a second filing that pushes Elias about his relationship with Fusion. It’s a sure sign that the special counsel isn’t letting the matter lie, and a request for sanctions could be near.

It does the heart good to see justice and accountability. As of this moment, it seems that judges are doing their part in defending against the Left’s attempts to undercut elections. Here’s to hoping Republicans will do their part as well and make sure what happened in 2020 doesn’t have again in November.






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