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Democrat Lawmakers Don’t Know the Price of Gas in Their States… and They Don’t Care

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Democrat lawmakers were asked what the price of gas is in their states and they either didn’t know or didn’t care.

Gas prices are soaring because of Joe Biden’s war on domestic energy production.

Americans are suffering because of the record high gas prices.

The national average price of gas is $4.32 a gallon – it’s over $6 a gallon in California.

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But Democrat lawmakers don’t care about their constituents.


Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries last month was asked how House Democrats plan to deal with soaring gas prices.

“What is the thinking within your caucus about how to deal with that issue [high gas prices]?” a reporter asked Jeffries.

“That issue hasn’t come up,” Jeffries said.

And there it is.

The Gateway Pundit

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