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Deep Dive into the Great Reset, They’ve Been Flaunting it for Decades

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COVID-19 was the first giant step towards the Great Reset.

However, the plan has been in place for a very long time.

In fact, that plan has been flaunted in front of our very faces for decades.

The idea of a new world order has constantly been openly mocked or fictionalized in television and entertainment.

This has been done to desensitize people to the idea, and convince them that such a thing could never happen, because it’s entirely “fictional.”

Those days are of course gone.

Now they’re saying everything they want out loud.

Yuval Noah Harari, a top advisor to Klaus Schwab, has openly admitted to the critical importance of the COVID-19 pandemic for convincing people to accept their fates.

Harari has consistently talked about surveilling people from “under their skin.”

He’s also referred to humans as “useless.”

Harari is not hiding the fact that he, and those like him, are priming the world for the Great Reset.

See for yourself:

Harari thinks most humans are “useless.”

He openly admits that:

He’s of course not the only one admitting the truth out loud:

Want more proof that the truth has been openly flaunted to the American public for decades?

Check out this clip from the show Barney Miller back in 1981:

They have flaunted the Great Reset by mocking it as a farce for decades.

Now they’re simply flaunting it as the truth.

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