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Dave Chappelle Attacked on Stage While Performing at Hollywood Bowl

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Apparently a new trend has been started where comedians are attacked on stage while doing their jobs.

Dave Chappelle was assaulted by a man while on stage at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night.

Several fans in attendance captured video of the incident.

The LAPD arrested the man, who is also suspected of assault with a deadly weapon.

The 22-year old received quite a beating from Chappelle’s security team as well.

Actor Jamie Foxx was one the people who ran to Chappelle’s aid.

Chris Rock was also in attendance, and later joked with Chappelle on stage, saying: “Was that Will Smith?”

Here’s more on the attack from the Hollywood Reporter:

Comedian Dave Chappelle was assaulted on stage during his set at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, people who attended the show and footage circulating on social media.

Several event attendees posted videos of the incident on Tuesday evening, the footage seeming to show Chappelle on stage performing when a man to his right rushes at him and tackles him to the floor.

The man is then seen to be dragged away by security.

The 22-year-old was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, the LAPD told The Hollywood Reporter.

This incident came just weeks after Chris Rock was attacked on stage by Will Smith.

Here’s more on that incident from Daily Mail Online:

The attack comes weeks after Will Smith attacked Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars, raising fears it would inspire similar violent protests against performers.

The actor slapped the comedian on stage after a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s shaved head. Pinkett-Smith has been open in the past about her struggles with alopecia.

After the slap, Smith returned to his seat and screamed ‘keep my wife’s name out of your f*****g mouth.’

He the then won the Oscar for Best Actor in his role as Richard Williams, in the film King Richard. He used his speech to apologize to the Academy and he later posted an apology on Instagram.

Rock has mostly kept quiet on the issue, speaking out only to say he was ‘processing’ what happened.


The Hollywood Bowl incident didn’t end well for the attacker:

Many now believe that Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock last month has encouraged people to attack comedians on stage:

Chappelle took the incident in stride.

Check out his reaction following the attack:

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