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Dan Bongino Talks About The Greatest Regret Of His Life

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OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Fox News host Dan Bongino said that he received the COVID vaccination but he believes it was “the biggest mistake of my life.”

He posted a video on Monday of his “Dan Bongino Show” on Rumble where he expressed his regret, The Western Journal reported.

“I should have waited,” he said. “Because the hard reality is, when the vaccine first came out, we didn’t have chronological data because it just came out. There was no time that had passed.”


He said he rushed to get the vaccine because he had cancer and was terrified for his life.

“I should have waited. It’s one of the greatest regrets of my life,” the host said. “I freaked out. I had cancer, I thought I was dying. I just wanted to see my youngest daughter’s wedding.”

“Gosh, it was the biggest mistake of my life. I just should have waited,” he said.

“I thought to myself at the time … there’s no doubt, I feel like this was created, this virus, in a lab in Wuhan, China — I have little doubt about that,” the host said.

“And I figured, you know, I’d rather take my chances with something we created than something they created … because I was scared. You know, my doctor told me with lymphoma and being under chemo that if I got this thing I — it could be ugly,” he said.

He said after being vaccinated he got COVID two times. But data shows that the vaccine mitigates the effects of COVID if one gets it.

He said it was the “greatest regret of my life, my health. Really. I kid you not.”

Last week the host shredded President Joe Biden.

“The man has zero political instincts and definitely doesn’t have the political instincts needed to succeed as president of the United States. For example, despite our open border crisis, you’re all watching on TV, right? The Biden administration quietly amended the language of its immigration policy to make it easier for some Afghan nationals to enter the country, even if they have ties to terrorists,” Bongino said.

“Wait, you don’t believe me? Read for yourself. You see it right there, from the Department of Homeland Security, saying the new exemptions may apply to the following, Individuals who provided insignificant or certain limited material support to a designated terrorist organization. It’s hard to believe this is even being considered by the president. But in case you missed that one, here’s another example of this man’s genuinely awful political instincts. The worst I have ever seen,” he added.

“Remember how Joe dipped into our strategic oil reserves to try to help bring down the price of gas we’ve been forced to pay for months? Remember that? Well, take a look at this. More than 5 million barrels of those reserves were reportedly exported to Europe, and get this, even some to China. You got to be saying to yourself, This is clearly a mistake, nobody is this dumb,” he continued.

“No, it’s not. Now, Fox News has learned that Biden had the ability to stop the reserves from being exported, but he didn’t do it, because he has the worst political instincts you’ve ever seen, and making matters worse, again, hard to believe — there’s reportedly a Hunter Biden business connection to the Chinese energy firm that got the oil. You can’t make it up. You can’t make this stuff up, folks,” Bongino added.


Bongino recently revealed that his sources in the Secret Service have told him that Biden’s mental state is deteriorating to the point that is more than just a little problematic.

“Not a joke and not hyperbole – I’m hearing from people close to the situation that Biden’s cognitive decline is rapidly worsening and is becoming increasingly difficult to mask. The Democrats are going to have to make a decision soon,” Bongino said.

Bongino said it gave him “no joy in saying this and I mean that: [Biden] is in real significant trouble. And listen to me — everyone around him, everyone knows it. Everyone knows it. This is the scandal — that they’re not telling you how bad his condition is.”

“It’s not a mystery. It’s the worst-kept secret in the White House,” Bongino added.

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