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Customer Beats Up United Employee at Newark Airport (VIDEO)

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Another day, another brawl at a US airport.

United Airlines is investigating a viral video of one of its employees punching a customer.

A bloody brawl broke out Monday morning after a United Airlines employee punched a customer following a disagreement at the checkout counter.

The passenger, Brendan Langley was arrested for simple assault, according to TMZ.

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TMZ reported:

An airline passenger and a United Airlines employee were in an all-out brawl at Newark Liberty International Airport, and the worker ended up flat on his ass.

Witnesses say the 2 began arguing before pushing, slapping and ultimately punching each other.

The video starts mid-fight … the worker seems to push the passenger, who then slaps the employee in the face, and then all hell breaks loose.

The 2 square off and then the passenger throws punch after punch … and the blows clearly landed, because the employee eventually falls behind the counter and clearly has trouble getting up and steadying himself.

8:39 AM PT — Cops tell us the passenger, Brendan Langley, was arrested and charged with simple assault.

7:05 AM PT — Law enforcement tells us the passenger was arrested, not the employee … despite the passenger’s claim he didn’t throw the first punch.

Video via TMZ:

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