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COVID-19 Shots For Children Under 5 Could Begin April 15th, Says Doctor Leading Pfizer Trial

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Behind a veil of distractions, including Russia-Ukraine and the Oscars slap-fest, Big Pharma inches closer to inoculating toddlers with the COVID-19 shot.

These monsters want access to innocent babies to inject them with an experimental mRNA gene therapy.

Children have the lowest risk of COVID complications, so the experimental shot only presents the risk of potentially fatal side effects.

And according to Dr. Joseph Domachowske, a vaccine researcher at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse, manufacturers are less than a month from putting these experimental shots in young children’s arms.

“Both the Moderna and Pfizer are indicating that they expect to submit their emergency use authorization request sometime in very early April. If the timeline works out as it appears to be working I think we could be vaccinating the kids under five in our community sometime around Tax Day, April 15th,” said Domachowske.

CNY Central provided the report:

It’s a step that’s crucial in moving the COVID-19 pandemic forward into an endemic.

“We are never going to get to that 90-95% but if we can move the dial closer and closer to that higher percentage rate we can experience community immunity or herd immunity,” he said.

Domachowske encourages every parent to look at the data themselves but has seen first hand how safe and effective the vaccine is for this younger group of children.

And thinks it could be a game changer for schools in the fall.

“It’s one of the major tools in a tool box that we don’t have many tools in. We have social distancing, masking and frequent hand washing. Good respiratory hygiene which generally school aged children are not great at. And now hopefully we can add vaccine for the under five year old’s and of course the Pfizer formulation for the 5-11 year old’s,” said Domachowske.

Notice how this medical tyrant ignores natural immunity as a tool in the tool box for children.

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