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Conservatives Call For Abolishment Of FBI Following Raid Of Trump’s Home

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When it comes to the FBI, conservative Americans have run out of patience and good will.

An increasing number of people on the right think the FBI has become a law enforcement arm of the Democratic party, completely corrupted and politicized.

Far too many times over the last several years, the bureau has shown itself to be unworthy of trust and people think it’s time to start over with something new.

Kyle Shideler writes at American Greatness:

For the Rule of Law to Reign, the Bureau Must Be Destroyed

From the time I was 7-years-old until I was about 20, I was in love with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In second grade, while other kids wanted to be firemen, I wanted to be a special agent (and I could have told you what one was, what they did, and what the requirements were to become one). In the early 1990s, my favorite show was “FBI: The Untold Stories,” and if we were not home from Cub Scouts in time for it to air, there was a tantrum on the way. I did a book report on a J. Edgar Hoover biography in middle school.

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My zeal mellowed as I grew older but never entirely disappeared. As I began my career looking at counterterrorism policy, I meticulously studied the FBI’s extensive investigation of the Holy Land Foundation, the largest Islamic charity in the country, which was successfully convicted of financing the terror group Hamas after more than a decade of FBI investigation (I’ve written two short monographs about aspects of the case).

Later I had the pleasure of providing a three-hour briefing on the ideology of Islamist terrorists for an FBI-led group of Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) agents, which included one of the agents who worked the Holy Land Foundation case. Several of my colleagues have signed certifications from the FBI in recognition of their work in counterterrorism education.

I say all this to establish that I am not some dyed-in-the-wool civil libertarian who has always had it in for federal law enforcement. I have spent most of my adult life trying to educate people about the serious national security threats this country faces. The United States has very real enemies, both foreign and domestic, and it requires defending.

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Nevertheless, the FBI must be abolished.

You may want to read the whole thing.

Conservatives on Twitter are expressing disgust with the FBI:

People have every right to be angry after what happened this week.

American Lookout

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