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Conservative AARP Alternative, AMAC, Is “Overwhelming” Woke Disney Execs With Tens of Thousands of Phone Calls and Emails

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According to The Daily Wire, conservative political pundit Dan Bongino received a message from a Disney insider who told him that Disney executives are tracking the “overwhelming” number of negative phone calls and emails they’re receiving regarding the company’s stated, not-so-secret gay-trans activism and attempts to sexualize children’s entertainment.

This outcry is being led by Association of Mature American Citizens’ (AMAC) activism non-profit, the conservative alternative to AARP. Two weeks ago AMAC Action launched a nationwide campaign on the conservative advocacy platform AlignAct targeting Disney executives and the response from Americans has been indeed been “overwhelming.”

Finally, freedom-love Americans’ voices are being heard loud and clear by the woke corporate executives at Disney.

So far tens of thousands of phone calls and emails to the executives at Disney have been generated. Americans, of all parties, are mad as hell about Disney’s attempt to sexualize children and force a radical agenda on them.

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Thanks to AMAC Action and AlignAct, people don’t just need to be mad, they can actually do something about it. In less than 60 seconds anyone in America can contact the “woke radicals” running Disney. You can join their national campaign here.

According to AMAC Action’s AlignAct campaign, “We think [Walt] Disney would be as concerned about what’s happening [to his company] as we are. And we think he would say it’s time for concerned Americans to take a stand for the health and safety of our children!”

They go on to say, “Join millions of mature Americans to Honor Walt by telling the “woke” radicals running his company to stop the sexual identity exploitation and “character indoctrination” of our children and grandchildren.”

If Disney refuses to drop their woke agenda the millions of people contacting them are threatening to “stop spending our money on Disney parks, merchandise, programming, and more.”

You can join AMAC Action’s campaign by taking action here and telling Disney’s woke executives to stop the sexualization of our children.

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