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CNN’s John Harwood Defends Biden On Inflation, Calls It A GOP ‘Charade’ (VIDEO)

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CNN’s John Harwood is a partisan hack. How do we know this? We know it because Harwood never had a good thing to say about Trump, or really any other Republican, either.

Yet he will bend over backwards to defend Joe Biden, even as the country is living through the worst inflation and gas prices in almost fifty years.

He even recently called inflation a “charade” and suggested that Republicans are just using it as a political tool.

News Busters reports:

Tool de Force: CNN’s Harwood Defends Biden, Insists Inflation Pain Is a GOP ‘Charade’

CNN White House correspondent and perpetual liberal media hack John Harwood doubled down Monday following a series of tweets of a piece in which he insisted Americans have fallen victim to “a charade” (mostly by Republicans) consisting of fears about inflation and economic pain. After having been dragged on Twitter, he went on Early Start to spoon-feed this idiocy to CNN’s tiny audience.

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Co-hosts Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett were more than eager to promote his piece, “Why Washington can’t have an honest debate about inflation” as the latter boasted that Harwood argued “it’s largely a charade, but sometimes charades work” based on CNN’s new poll showing “77 percent of the people think the economy is doing poorly.”

The daughter of longtime Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett, Laura argued Americans are under some spell seeing as how “families are actually spending roughly the same and doing okay.”

Harwood agreed and went on with his Team Biden talking points: “Charades do work and this one’s working very well. That’s what the polling shows. But I think you have to step back a little bit and think about the content of the conversation.”

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Watch the video:

Harwood also tweeted this recently:

These are not the words of a journalist, they are the words of an activist.

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