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CNN+ Employees Furious That They’re Only Being Offered 90 Days To 6 Months Of Severance Pay

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Now that CNN’s streaming service CNN+ has shut down just a month after launching, employees are being offered severance packages of 90 days to 6 months.

But that’s not good enough for these folks.

Many of them are angry that this is all they’re getting, even though it’s better than most people get.

Townhall reports:

‘F***ing Crazy’: CNN+ Employees React to Streaming Platform’s Chaotic End

The unceremonious death of CNN+ this week put the fledgling steaming platform out of its misery after a period time that didn’t surpass the length of, among other things, Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries, has unleashed renewed chaos within CNN…

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According to Axios, “About 350 of the 700 people that work for CNN+ will be laid off with pay and benefits for the next 90 days” and “any employee that doesn’t find a new role with the network will be granted at least six months’ severance.” Reactions within CNN are, predictably, not great.

“This is f***ing crazy, it is nuts,” a CNN insider told The New York Post. Newly out of work CNN+ employees are “aghast and furious” that their leadership could muck things up so badly…

Among many reasons CNN+ ended up as a cash-bloated failure, according to The Post’s sources, is the way CNN+ “overspent on talent” as seen in ex-Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace’s $9 million salary and former MSNBC anchor Kasie Hunt’s $1 million per year. “The big people will likely be saved, but what about everybody else, the people who do the real work?” another source pondered to The Post. “The producers, showrunners? Some will get six months’ severance, others will not.”

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Meanwhile, other people are having a lot of fun with this news.

This was such a huge fail for CNN.

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