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CNBC Brings in Man by the Name of ‘Steve Liesman’ to Prop Up Biden’s Horrible Poll Results

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It’s really bad when you have to bring in a ringer to explain your horrible poll results. 

CNBC commissioned polling of Biden’s performance to date and the results were terrible.  Since they paid for the poll, they reluctantly decided to report on it.

The Conservative Treehouse brought to our attention the results of a recent CNBC Poll of Biden’s performance.  Ironically, the higher inflation goes, the lower Biden’s job performance is rated.  Surrendering $84 billion to the Taliban in Afghanistan and now doing similar with the radical terrorists running Iran are two actions that also are not helping his numbers.

The Treehouse reports:

TRENDING: THEY’RE TOAST: Joe Biden’s Latest Polling Numbers from Far-Left Quinnipiac Are a COMPLETE DISASTER for Democrats

CNBC commissioned a poll by Hart research and associates, a friendly outfit for the left.  Unfortunately, that means CNBC then needed to tell everyone what the results were [Full Poll pdf Here].  That task fell to CNBC’s Steve Liesman; an appropriate name given the task at hand.

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