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Chuck Todd Warns Democrats They’re Moving Into ‘Shellacking Territory’ For The Midterms (VIDEO)

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Democrats are headed for a political bloodbath in the 2022 midterms and there’s not much they can do about it.

Biden is a political anchor around their necks and it’s clear he is not going to willingly reverse any of his policies.

It has gotten to the point where some people in liberal media are even admitting it. Chuck Todd recently warned the Democrats about where they are right now.

The Daily Wire reports:

‘A Bad Number’: Chuck Todd Says Democrats Are Veering Into ‘Shellacking Territory’ For Midterms

“Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd said Wednesday that Democrats were veering dangerously close to “shellacking territory” as the 2022 midterm elections loomed ever closer.

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Todd began with the latest NBC poll — taken between March 18-22 of this year — in which 71% of respondents said that the United States was headed in the wrong direction. Todd said that number, along with the corresponding low number (22%) who believed America was on the right track, could spell a lot of trouble for Democrats going into November’s midterms.

Todd brought out the “midterm meter” and explained, “Sixty-five percent wrong track is a bad number. Seventy-one percent? That’s why it is in the shellacking category.”

Todd went on to explain that presidential approval ratings were often reflected in midterm elections — and that even an approval rating in the mid-forties could spell disaster for a sitting president.

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“When you start dipping below 45%, you’ve got a problem, and you’re gonna have midterms that are in the bad-to-shellacking ratio,” Todd continued. “President Biden is at 40. George W. Bush was at 39% in 2006. We know how that turned out. So, you see, that’s also in shellacking territory.”

Here’s the video:

For once, Chuck Todd is right.

This could be a midterm election on par with 2010, where Republicans picked up over 60 seats.

Democrats have earned this.

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