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Chelsea Clinton Attacks Trump Over His Weight, Says the Republican Party is the Party of “White Supremacists” (VIDEO)

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Chelsea Clinton on Friday fat-shamed Trump and said the Republican party is the party of “white supremacists.”

The cackling hags on ABC’s “The View” were discussing Lindsey Graham’s decision to vote against Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Co-host Sunny Hostin argued that the Republican party has changed.

“Ana, what you have to understand is the Republican Party that you loved doesn’t exist anymore! It’s the party of insurrectionists! It’s the party of traitors!” Hostin shouted.

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Chelsea Clinton chimed in: “White supremacists.”

“What was that?” Sunny Hostin said turning toward Clinton.

“White supremacists,” Chelsea said.


Chelsea Clinton attacked Trump over his weight on Friday and made comments about the size of his belly.

Perhaps she should talk to her own mother about living a healthier lifestyle.

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