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Charges Against Black Michigan Man Who Beat Elderly White Nursing Home Patients Dropped

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In May 2020 numerous disturbing videos circulated social media showing a black Michigan man beating elderly white men and women in nursing homes.

Jaden Hayden is reportedly from Westland, Michigan and beat elderly white nursing home patients for sport.

Hayden filmed himself beating the seniors in their beds until they were bleeding.

One victim was later identified as a 75-year-old veteran.

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Hayden was sent to the nursing home facility to recover from Coronavirus so not only was he abusing elderly patients, he was spreading Covid.

Hayden was arrested and charged shortly after the videos of him abusing elderly victims went viral.

Hayden’s father argued that his son is not a vicious person and that he’s a victim of the system.

The charges against Jaden Hayden were dropped this week after declaring him incompetent to face trial.

WXYZ reported:

“He shouldn’t be in jail,” Marty Hayden said of his 22-year-old son Jaden, who has been charged with several counts, including the May 2020 beating of Norman Bledsoe in a nursing home in the West side of Detroit. .

The charges against Jaden Hayden were dismissed after declaring him incompetent.

Marty Hayden said that if his son was convicted and sent to prison, it would only worsen his mental health problems.

“So the system will let him down again. He will not be rehabilitated,” Marty Hayden told 7 Action News on Tuesday, adding that because of his son’s mental health problems he could not understand the severity of his actions.

Marty Hayden hopes to find a lawyer to prosecute for placing his son in a nursing home, where he believes he was set to fail and Bledsoe became a victim.

“Why put him in a nursing home? Elderly people are around, ”he said.

Jaden Hayden filmed himself on video repeatedly struck by Bledsoe as an army veteran lay in his bed. Two men lived in a room at Westwood Nursing Center on the West Side of Detroit.

Jaden Hayden was at a group home in Washington County when he called his father to say he heard voices and thought people wanted to kill him.

“He was in crisis,” Marty Hayden said of his son, who had a history of violent behavior.

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