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CEOs of Three Major Oil Companies Refuse to Participate in Democrats’ Sham Hearings in US House

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The CEOs of three major oil companies refused to testify in a Democrat sham hearing in the House. 

The CEOs of three major oil companies won’t join the Democrat circus in destroying America.  The Washington Examiner reported:

The CEOs of three major oil companies have refused to testify in a hearing aimed at stabilizing U.S. gas prices amid the war in Ukraine, drawing the ire of Democrats.

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Raul Grijalva of Arizona took aim at the chief executives of EOG Resources, Devon Energy Corporation, and Occidental Petroleum for declining to appear at the committee’s hearing, which had been scheduled for April 5.

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Due to their refusal to appear, the Democrat said, the hearing “will not go forward.”

“As rising gas prices started hurting Americans, fossil fuel industry trade groups and their allies in Congress wasted no time placing blame on the Biden administration and pushing for a drilling free-for-all. But when you look at oil companies’ record profits, these claims don’t add up,” Grijalva said in a statement.

“I invited these companies to come before the Committee and make their case, but apparently they don’t think it’s worth defending,” he added. “Their silence tells us all we need to know — that cries for more drilling and looser regulations are nothing more than another age-old attempt to line their own pockets.”

In 2021 Biden destroyed President Trump’s policies which led to the US having energy independence in the US for the first time in nearly a decade.  As was predicted, this led to gas prices nearly doubling and the US needing to import oil from foreign countries like Russia and Venezuela.

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CNN reported in 2016 that the US had 264 billion barrels and more than both Russia and Saudi Arabia.

With US gas prices at all-time highs, Democrats filed a bill to tax oil companies earlier this month.

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