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Cancel Culture: Chicago Addition

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The Alarm,1884
Robert Cavelier de La Salle,1889
Fort Dearborn Massacre,1893
Bull and Indian Maiden, 1908, replica of 1893 original
A Signal of Peace, 1890, installed 1894
Illinois Centennial Monument, installed 1918
The Republic, 1918, replica of 1893 original
Tablet dedicated to Jolliet and Marquette,1925
Tablet dedicated to Cavelier de La Salle, 1925
Jacques Marquette-Louis Jolliet Memorial,1926
Indians (The Bowman and the Spearman), 1928, modeled 1926
The Defense,1928
The Pioneers,1929
Discoverers, 1930
Regeneration, 1929
Damen Avenue Bridge Marquette Monument,1930
Christopher Columbus Monument,1892
Drake Fountain,1893
Columbus Monument,1933
Standing Lincoln,1887
General John Logan Monument,1897
Ulysses S. Grant Monument,1891
General Philip Henry Sheridan,1923
Seated Lincoln,1908,installed 1926
Lincoln, 1956
Lincoln Rail Splitter,1905, installed 1909
Young Lincoln, 1951, installed 1997
Benjamin Franklin,1895,installed 1896,relocated from site near zoo in 1966
George Washington,1900,replica of original in Paris,installed 1904
Robert Morris-George Washington-Haym Salomon Monument,1936–1941
Haymarket Riot Monument/Police Memorial,1889
Leif Ericson,1901
Bust of Melville Fuller,1912
Italo Balbo Monument,1934
Kinzie Mansion Plaque,1937
Indian Boundary Lines Plaque,1937
Marquette Campsite Plaque,1980
Jean Baptiste Beaubien Plaque,1937
Chicago River Plaque,1953
Wilderness, Winter Scene,1934
William McKinley Monument,1904

The CMP took a further step by suggesting new projects for the city including:

The Mother Jones Heritage Project
Artist Patricia Nguyen and architectural designer John Lee for the Chicago Torture Justice Memorial
A community-led monument to victims of gun violence in Chicago
The Greater Chatham Initiative, in collaboration with artist Gerald Griffin, for a Mahalia Jackson memorial
Artists and community groups for a monument to historic events and people that have shaped the Latina/x experience in the Pilsen neighborhood

Read the full report and CPM’s determinations on the various pieces.

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