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Can You Help Us Decipher What Biden’s One Word to Describe America Is? “Ahwazinnafoothiminnawhu”?

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Folks, this isn’t funny anymore.

The leader of the free world can barely string together sentences — AND it’s happening while he’s “reading” a teleprompter.

This should alarm every American citizen.

Joe Biden was giving a speech in front of the White House.

Ketanji Brown Jackson and Kamala Harris stood awkwardly behind him as he began mumbling through the speech.

You see, Biden said that he could describe America “in a single word.”

Do you know what that word is?

Well… to me, it sounded like:


I wish I was joking.

But that’s what I heard.

Can you help me decipher the one word to describe America?

The strangest part is that Biden said, “I don’t know that for a fact.”

What doesn’t he know for a fact?

That he was once vice-president?

That he supposedly hiked 17,000 miles of the foothills of the Himalayas?

That he talked with Xi Jinping?

There are lots of moments in this speech that should scare us, but this one took the cake.

Glenn Beck has an excellent analysis of what happened.

I recommend watching it – it’s HILARIOUS, but also has lots of great insight:

Now here’s where things get scary.

We all saw that flub. We saw the “gaffe,” right?

He said something like “Ahwazinnafoothiminnawhu.”

But that was completely edited out of the official White House transcript:

And we were sitting alone.  I had an interpreter and he had an interpreter.  And he looked at me.  In all seriousness, he said, “Can you define America for me?”  And I said what many of you heard me say for a long time.  I said, “Yes, I can, in one word: possibilities.”  (Applause.)  “Possibilities.”  That, in America, everyone should be able to go as far as their hard work and God-given talent will take them.  And possibilities.  We’re the only ones.  That’s why we’re viewed as the “ugly Americans”: We think anything is possible.  (Laughter.)

And the idea that a young girl who was dissuaded from even thinking you should apply to Harvard Law School — “Don’t raise your hopes so high.”  Well, I don’t know who told you that, but I’d like to go back and invite her to the Supreme Court so she can see the interior.  (Laughter.)

If President Trump’s administration had edited his speeches like that, you can bet that the Democrats and their allies in the media would be calling it a “cover up.”

Yet despite the apparent cognitive decline that we are witnessing, the White House continues to cover-up Joe Biden’s gaffes by editing the official transcripts.



America can be defined in a single word.

Well, can you help us understand what that word is?

Listen to the clips above, then let us know your interpretation in the comments section below!

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