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Calgary Stampede Pushes Klaus Schwab’s WEF Diet Plan, Will Offer Meal Warm and Cricket Hot Dogs

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You vile’ eat the bugs eh!

All jokes aside, the annual Calgary Stampede will offer a dash of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum diet plan at this year’s festival.

The event released its list of food items, and some of the recipes will raise your eyebrows and twist your stomach.

‘All-Beef’ Meal Worm and ‘All-Beef’ Cricket Hot Dogs.

CBC reported:

But as always, other options seem designed for those who missed out on their shot to appear on the American stunt show Fear Factor, such as the all-beef meal worm hot dog.

That item is made using meal worm protein, whole-roasted meal worms and beef. “Meal worms are high in protein and safe to eat,” reads the Calgary Stampede’s website.

“The all-beef meal worm hot dog is made using meal worm protein and whole-roasted meal worms, along with beef,” according to Calgary Stampede.

Global News listed news foods for this year’s stampede:

  • Waffle cookie dough ice cream sandwiches
  • Honey habanero ice pops
  • Lemon meringue lychee lemonade
  • Pig-kle sandwiches
  • Cookie dough-nut cookie dough
  • Bao baos
  • Unagi sushi tacos
  • Octopus rangoon
  • Glazed donut grilled cheese
  • Kraft dinner soft serve
  • Deep fried oreo mini donuts
  • Bad breath lemonade (a fusion of garlic and caramelized onion with refreshing ice cold lemonade)
  • Meal worm hot dogs
  • Cricket hot dogs

The World Economic Forum desires the global population engorging on piles of meal worms, crickets, and other creepy crawlers.

From the World Economic Forum:

  • By 2050, the world’s food supply will need to feed another 2 billion people;
  • Insect farming for food and animal feed could offer an environmentally friendly solution to the impending food crisis;
  • A source of protein and fertilizer, emerging technologies could help bring insects back into the food system at scale.

Calgary Stampede – Conditioning attendees to accept Klaus Schwab’s buggy dream!

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