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Bryson Gray: ULTRA-MAGA!

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You’re going to love this…

Joe Biden and the DemonRats tried to insult President Trump (and you and me!) by calling him the “Great MAGA King” and calling us all “Ultra-MAGA”.

What Joe meant as an insult, we took as a compliment!

Just like when Hillary called us all a big “basket of Deplorables”.

These people never learn, do they?

And now a musician named Bryson Gray has turned it into an awesome song!

I love how he’s turned the G into Make America GODLY Again!

Right on, Bryson and well done!

Please enjoy safely here on Rumble:

And I can’t promise how long these will last, but there are limited sizes remaining of this awesome shirt, from my friends over at iLoveMyFreedom…

How cool is this?

Want one?

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We Love Trump

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