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Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 118: Pending Midterm Disaster Has Biden Considering Rational Policies; Guest: Charlie Hurt

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Host Alex Marlow begins with a rundown of bad news for the Big Joey administration. The border crisis is causing problems throughout the nation, the voters have wised up to the Biden family’s financial ties to China, and punishing inflation means more Americans have a gloomy economic outlook. But that could be good news for all of you, as Joe might actually keep Title 42 after all. Or, at least, we can dream. The nationwide wokelash continues. Alex provides examples of Americans fighting back against the encroaching anti-science Leftism that has prevailed in the country in recent years. Our guest today is friend of the show Charlie Hurt, who is the Washington Times’ opinion editor and a Fox News contributor. He discusses America’s dependence on Communist China, why face masks are now like a security blanket for many Americans, and how corruption got normalized in the Swamp. Plus, we have our caller of the day.

The Breitbart News Daily Podcast runs Monday through Friday as a “Director’s Cut” of the SXM Patriot radio show. Hosted by Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow, you’ll hear Alex’s take on the big political stories, interviews with various newsmakers, and the Patriot “Caller of the Day.”

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