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BREAKING: Biden Administration WILL Appeal Mask Ruling

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The Biden Administration is appealing the mask mandates – wants masks on planes and trains.

Yesterday a US Federal Judge in Florida ended the insane mask mandates on planes and trains.  All of America cheered the news.

Flight Attendant Breaks Into Tears As She Gets to Take Off Her Mask For the First Time in Two Years (VIDEO)

This afternoon the Biden gang said that they would appeal the decision based on the CDC’s decision on the masks.  If the CDC decides to mandate the masks then the Biden gang will appeal.

Biden’s DOJ Announces It Will Appeal Monday’s Mask Mandate Ruling IF CDC Decides to Keep Mandate — JUST HOURS After Joe Biden Says “It’s Up to Individuals” to Wear Them

This evening the CDC agreed to keep the mandate.

The corrupt and anti-American Biden gang is going after more tyranny.  They want masks in place.  They don’t work and never have prevented anyone from getting COVID.  This is not based on science. 

The Gateway Pundit

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