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Bird Shat on Biden, Bird Salutes Putin [Funny]

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If you missed it, a bird shat on Biden during his public address in Iowa yesterday.

Given Biden’s proclivity to blame Putin for his woes, how will he blame Putin for the bird?  A video surfacing today might help.

First, as covered by the NY Post,

Biden’s blue suit took a direct hit as he began a 25-minute address in which he blamed the US’ 8.5% annual inflation rate on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine rather than his own actions.

“I’m here today to talk about what we’re doing to lower costs for American families and put rural America at the center of our efforts to build a future that’s made in America,” Biden said moments before he was struck. “That’s not hyperbole!”

A future that’s made in America, he says.  Not hyperbole, he says.  That’s some crap of a different kind.

Here’s a clip of the lapel splash:

But how can Putin possibly be blamed for the bird?

Well, here’s footage of the bird saluting Putin:

The forensic investigation is ongoing.

Someone please let Steele know he can update his dossier with this Russian pigeon footage.

To be fair, some sources (like the Huffington Post) are reporting the debris on Biden’s lapel was “distillers grain”.   And Snopes thinks the pigeon salute to Putin is fake news.

But truth has never been an impediment for Steele and his comrades.

Plus, with all the spin in our media it’s hard to know what’s pigeon poop and bullshit anymore.

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