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Big Rig Goes Over the Side of the Highway, Dashcam Video Shows What Saved the Trucker

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A truck driver narrowly escaped going off of an overpass along with his truck in a harrowing scene captured on video by another truck driver heading in the opposite direction.

The incident took place on Thursday near LaPorte, Texas, according to KHOU-TV.

Highway 225 was slick with rain as traffic moved along, a rare storm in a year when Texas has been battling a severe drought.

Pasadena police said two 18-wheelers began hydroplaning.

One truck jostled the other, causing it to flip.


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According to the Daily Mail, the truck that flipped was owned by Specialized Maintenance Services Inc. and hit a Budweiser truck.

Truck driver Prisco Saldivar, who was driving in the other direction, caught what came next on his dashcam.

Can you believe no one was seriously injured in this wreck?

“It was like something you would only ever see in a movie,” he said.

Saldivar said the dashcam exists for insurance purposes, and he never expected the record anything like the miraculous escape.

One truck went airborne, then careened off of the overpass, skidding along until, from the dash cam’s angle, it disappears.

As it goes, the figure of the driver appeared on the overpass. It appeared from the video that the door to the cab flew open at the last moment and the driver jumped to safety. The driver was not interviewed later, so it was unclear if they was thrown instead.

As the video rolls, the driver of the rig can be seen clearly on the side of the overpass, walking back and forth.


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“I think an angel was protecting him and, yeah, I just don’t have words to explain what, you know, how blessed he is, you know? But I’m glad that he’s OK,” Saldivar said, KHOA reported.

Police said the driver sustained minor injuries. Police did not say whether any tickets were issued.

The truck landed on a service road below and did not cause any injuries when it landed.

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