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Biden’s Approval With Black Voters Nosedives (POLL)

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Since July 2021, Biden’s job approval rating among white voters has slipped from 50% to 40%

Among Hispanics, it fell from 56% to 51%.

But among Black voters, Biden’s approval plummeted from 88% to 56%.

Was the 32-point drop due to voters who aren’t really black?


More voters across the spectrum realize what a disaster the Biden Administration is for the American people.

Read further details at the Marquette University Law School Poll:

A new Marquette Law School Poll national survey finds 48% of adults saying they approve of the way President Joe Biden is handling the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while 51% disapprove. Approval of Biden’s overall job performance is 44%, with 55% disapproving. In January, Biden’s overall approval was 46%, with disapproval at 55%.

Partisan divisions are nearly as sharp on Biden’s handling of Ukraine as they are on his overall handling of his job, as seen in Table 1 (a) and Table 1 (b). Republicans are 10 percentage points more approving on Ukraine than they are on the president’s overall job performance, and independents are somewhat more approving than Republicans. Democrats are slightly less approving on Ukraine than on Biden’s overall job performance.

The Washington Examiner wrote:

“No rebound in decline in black support,” read the survey headline. In its January survey, 57% of blacks approved of Biden, while 41% didn’t. Now the numbers are worse: 56% approve and 43% disapprove.

“The trend in approval by race and ethnicity since July shows a very substantial decline in approval among black adults, with smaller but consistent declines among white and Hispanic respondents,” according to the analysis.

The black vote has been key to Democrats winning federal races for decades, but it showed weakness in the 2020 race, and that has sped up since.

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