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Biden to Import Venezuelan Oil to Meet US Demand

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In March the Biden gang decided to begin talks with the corrupt and brutal Venezuelan Maduro regime.  This regime is a continuation of the corrupt Chavez regime but this is no problem for the Biden/Obama Administration and may actually be preferable.  Maduro rules over the people of Venezuela with an iron fist.

Joe Biden Opens Talks with Marxist Maduro Regime in Venezuela – Sidelines Opposition Leader Juan Guaido Recognized by Trump Administration

After Biden destroyed America’s energy independence, gas prices have risen to historic heights.  Biden/Obama’s answer has been to go overseas for oil rather than allow Americans to drill for oil in the US.

President Trump showed that the US has enough oil and reserves and the ability to drill for oil.  His policies made the US energy independent and an oil exporter.  As a result, gas prices in the US were half as much as they are today.

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Biden’s answer to rising gas prices is to import oil from brutal regimes rather than allow Americans to drill.  It’s now being reported that Biden is going to purchase oil from Venezuela to meet US demand.

The Biden administration is expected to soon announce it would ease sanctions on Venezuelan oil amid the ongoing energy crisis, several media outlets reported.

The federal government will ease “some” of the energy sanctions on Venezuela, two senior administration officials told CNN. In addition, U.S. oil corporation Chevron will be allowed to enter into negotiations with Venezuelan state-owned firm PDVSA over potential continued operations in the South American oil-rich nation.

We don’t have Americans running our country.  The gang running the Biden Administration are not for America, they are against it.

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