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Biden Says ‘Don’t Jump’ When Snapping Photo with Paralympic Athletes

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President Joe Biden could be heard saying “don’t jump” when snapping photos with Paralympic athletes on Wednesday.

During a White House event honoring Paralympic athletes who represented the USA in the Beijing Winter and Tokyo Summer games, the president stood for a photo with several athletes, some of whom were wheelchair-bound, when he appeared to jokingly say, “don’t jump.”

“Here we go,” Biden said as he put his arm around an athlete.

“Don’t jump!” Biden exclaimed, prompting laughter. “She’s our photographer, look at her.”

It is unclear who Biden intended the comment for.

Beyond that, the president honored the athletes for being uniters.

“You’ve been through so damn, darn much,” Biden said. “You helped us unite the nation.”

“In you, I see who we are as a nation,” he continued. “We believe in America, anything is possible, and you are the explanation of what we mean.”



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