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Biden Extends Pause On Student Loan Payments Again

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Joe Biden is once again extending the pause on student loan payments, this time through June of 2023.

This began in 2020, right at the start of the pandemic, when Trump was still president, and Biden just keeps kicking the can down the road.

He is hoping to push through his completely unconstitutional student load bailout in the meantime.

Townhall reports:

Biden Reverses Course on Student Loan Repayment

The Biden administration announced on Tuesday afternoon that the federal government would be, yet again, extending the pause on repayments for Americans’ student loans until the end of June 2023 in what is now the latest instance of Biden going back on his word.

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In a video tweeted by the White House, President Joe Biden blamed “Republican special interests and elected officials” who “sued to deny this relief, even for their own constituents,” but still maintained he is “completely confident my plan is legal,” offering a dubious promise that his administration is “not going to back down.”

“It isn’t fair to ask tens of millions of borrowers eligible for relief to resume their student debt payments while the courts consider the lawsuit,” Biden said, ignoring the fact that his plan to burden every taxpayer with the debts of a small minority of student loan borrowers is the definition of unfair.

Biden’s decision — in addition to dragging out another COVID-triggered policy despite Biden’s repeated statements that the U.S. previously won “independence” from the virus and that the pandemic is “over” — is also a major reversal for President Biden.

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It isn’t fair to ask people to pay back their student loans, but it is fair to ask other people to pay them? That makes no sense at all.

Biden is doing this to bribe young voters. That’s all this is about.

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