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Biden, Dems in ‘Shellacking Territory’ Going into Midterms

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MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd said Wednesday on his show “MTP Daily” that President Joe Biden’s and Democrats’ poll numbers are in “shellacking territory” going into the November midterm elections.

Todd said, “Time to re-meet our midterm meter. This is the tool that our political unit has cooked up using our NBC News poll data, in history and currently to understand visualized which way the political winds are blowing.”

Discussing the polling question if the country is on the right or wrong track, Todd said, “So where are we right now? Let’s take a look — the current wrong track in our country 71%. What’s really striking is this is third straight poll where the wrong track in our country has been above 70%. Only one other time, we have had that in our poll. It is not a good time if you have 71%. Look, 65% wrong track is a bad number. Seventy-one percent? That’s why it is in the shellacking category.”

Discussing the presidential job approval rating, Todd said, “When you start dipping below forty-five you’ve got a problem, and you’re going to have midterms in the bad-to-shellacking ratio. President Biden is at 40. George W. Bush was at 39 in 2006. We know how that turned out. That’s also in shellacking territory.”

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