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Biden Administration ‘Will Spend Billions’ on Worthless ‘Piece of Paper’

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Frank Gaffney, vice-chairman of the vice-chair of the Committee on the Present Danger and host of Secure Freedom Radio, said on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow the Biden administration’s ostensible attempt to prevent Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons imperils U.S. national security.

“It is continuing,” Gaffney said of the White House’s ongoing pursuit of what news media have described as an “Iran nuclear deal.”

He continued, “It’s been painful, frankly, for anybody who loves this country to watch the ignominy to which the Biden administration has subjected us in this process. … The Iranians want nuclear weapons, full stop. This is something they’ve been pursuing for decades. They’re at the cusp of having them now, if they don’t actually already have them.”

Gaffney described the Biden administration’s tentative approach as “nonsense” in its facilitation of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

“All of this nonsense about talking them out of it, or having them promise that they wouldn’t go there, or that they will get all kinds of financial compensation or other benefits if we just get some new piece of paper is just malfeasance on the part of our diplomats, and most of them are the same people who brought us, by the way, the last terrible deal with Iran.”

“There’s no prospect that this will end well,” Gaffney determined. “It’s just a question of, ‘How bad is it?’. I think the Israelis are right. It will be worse than the last deal. We will spend more billions in various ways, including by removing all of the sanctions that have been placed on this regime.”

The Iranian government “has given up none of its terrorism” and “none of its nuclear program,” Gaffney stated, including “the centrifuges, the secret facilities, [or] the advanced capability to put this highly enriched uranium — which they now say they have enough of to make nuclear weapons into warheads — that can go on missiles that they already have.”

Iran currently possesses “the capability to launch” missiles that can be fitted with nuclear warheads at the U.S. via “orbital approaches,” Gaffney said.

“This administration is putting us in jeopardy,” he concluded. “One of the most self-inflicted wounds … should be stopped, and sadly we really see no evidence that anybody in Congress — despite a lot of bemoaning what’s going on here — is prepared to step up and say, ‘No, we’re not going to do this.’ That’s shameful.”

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