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Biden Administration Considering to Provide Smartphone App for Illegal Migrants to Pre-Register Before Crossing Border

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The U.S. expects a massive onslaught of migrants following Biden’s lifting of President Trump’s Title 42 border protection program.

Border officials predict 350,000 to 500,000 illegal immigrants in the first month after Biden lifts Title 42.

The plan is so crazy that even Democrats urge Biden not to follow through.

Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn learned details about how the Biden Administration is preparing for the unprecedented influx of migrants at the border once Title 42 lifts.

Vaughn shared the details through a Twitter thread:

Vaughn reported that one idea being floated around is pulling medical personnel from Veterans Affairs to assist with the surge of migrants. “We’re going to take medical services away from people that really deserve that. Who went to combat…to give free medical attention to illegal migrants,” a CBP source informed her.

The Biden Administration is also reportedly looking to deploy a smart app for migrants to use to submit to pre-screening. There may be an expansion of the “CBP1 App” for migrants so they can submit pre-screening prior to approaching a point-of-entry.

The “CBP1 App” will make it easier for migrants to get in.

The lifting of Title 42 is calamity at the southern border like never before.

Biden and his handlers want to enable pandemonium and decimate this country.

That’s the only explanation for this insane idea.

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