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Bellingham, Washington School District Pays Middle School Students $2,000 to Perform Drag Show

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Bellingham, Washington – A Bellingham middle school awarded children $2,000 to perform a drag show.

Whatcom Middle School’s Gender Sexuality Alliance club (yes, for 10-12 year olds) came up with the idea to host the “Drop Dead Gorgeous Drag Show.”

Totally normal.

But don’t worry because the school insists the drag show will be “behaviorally appropriate,” KGMI reported.

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Word of a drag show at Bellingham’s Whatcom Middle School has raised some eyebrows, but the district says it’s not what some have portrayed it as.

The Drop Dead Gorgeous Drag Show was conceived by Whatcom’s GSA student organization as part of Bellingham Schools’ Think BIG Challenge.

It’s one of seven student clubs that are receiving grants of $1,000 to $2,500 for ideas ranging from science, the environment, student transportation, even crochet.

The money is not coming from the district but is a grant from the Bellingham Public Schools Foundation, the district’s non-profit partner.

The event hasn’t been scheduled yet but will be extracurricular and will happen outside of school hours.

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