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Baby Formula Shelves Completely Empty…”No Other Options!”

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The unfortunate truth about the state of the country right now is that we are fighting against several different crises due to poor leadership.

The biggest victims of all of this are children.

While the left is melting down over abortion, there is another crisis affecting the lives of infants.

At least six states are currently dealing with a major baby formula shortage.

Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas find themselves sold out of more than half of their baby formula supplies.

One Tennessee mother of an 8-month-old daughter recently shared her heartbreaking story.

Wynter Balthrop says she broke down in tears after searching six different stores for a special hypoallergenic formula for her daughter.

She says that the generic brand made her daughter ill.

Wynter is just one of many mothers struggling to find formula for their babies.

LOCAL REPORT: “Empty Shelves” At Food Banks — Are You Prepared?

Fox News has Wynter’s personal story:

Wynter Balthrop is the mother of Blakely, an eight-month-old baby girl in Gallatin, Tennessee, which is about 30 miles north Nashville.

Balthrop is worried about the baby formula shortage across the country right now, she told Fox News Digital.

Little Blakely is on Enfamil’s Nutramigen formula — which is a hypoallergenic variety. Nutramigen was and is the only formula that her baby is able to tolerate, Wynter Balthrop told Fox News Digital this weekend.

“We went to six different stores and searched and called multiple others as far as three hours away from us.”

A generic brand has made her baby sick.

Balthrop said that just recently, she and her husband “went to six different stores and searched and called multiple others as far as three hours away from us — and we were not able to find one can or bottle of her formula.”

“I broke down in the car,” she said.

“[I was] panicking and sad for my girl because we had enough formula left to make one bottle — and I knew we would have to use the generic formula that hurt her stomach again. And that broke my heart.”

“I mean, it just wasn’t fair to her,” said Balthrop. “But we had no other options.”

CNN has more on Biden’s latest crisis:

For months stores nationwide have been struggling to stock enough baby formula. Manufacturers say they’re producing at full capacity and making as much formula as they can, but it’s still not enough to meet current demand.

The out-of-stock rate for baby formula hovered between 2% and 8% in the first half of 2021, but began rising sharply last July. Between November 2021 and early April 2022, the out-of-stock rate jumped to 31%, data from Datasembly showed.

That rate increased another 9 percentage points in just three weeks in April, and now stands at 40%, the statistics show. In six states — Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Texas and Tennessee — more than half of baby formula was completely sold out during the week starting April 24, Datasembly said.

And although seven states had between 40-50% of baby formula products out of stock as of early April, 26 states are now struggling with supply.

“This issue has been compounded by supply chain issues, product recalls and historic inflation,” Datasembly CEO Ben Reich said. “Unfortunately, given the unprecedented amount of volatility to the category, we anticipate baby formula to continue to be one of the most affected products in the market.”

Other mothers have shared their stories on social media as well:

Unfortunately, for mothers like Wynter, this has become the new norm under the Biden Administration:

Here’s more…

They’re calling it “the perfect storm” for food banks and food pantries.

Inflation is up, donations are down, and more people need food. With schools letting out for summer, many American kids face going hungry, without school breakfast or lunch.

And food prices keep rising.

Food banks serving the poor are seeing empty shelves, just as more people need their services.

Watch this report from San Antonio (transcript of highlights below):

From the video:

Steve Spriester: Scarcity on the shelves and worries about what’s to come – the San Antonio Food Bank says they are bracing for the busiest time of year – and look at these empty shelves. They are especially concerned for kids.”

Myra Arthur:According to the food bank, inflation is causing more people to reach out and ask for help. However, donations of food are down.”

Food bank official: “If you walk through our warehouse, you could almost see from one end to the other through the shelves because it’s mostly empty of the non-perishable food items … the gains that people made in their wages have been eroded. Our numbers are actually up from where they were in December.”

According to this report, food banks are hurting in Florida, too (transcript of highlights below):

From the video:

Anchor: “Food banks and food pantries in our area — they are in a bind right now. Many are running out of the food that they so desperately need to help people… They’re running out of time too.”

Adaure Achumba: “These shelves are normally stacked and filled with all kinds of non perishable food items. But as we head towards the summer months, if they’re not replenished, they’ll stay empty, leaving many families without food.”

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall is warning a “worldwide famine” is coming in the wake of war in Ukraine and rising input prices:

“This will be a worldwide famine. I think it will be even worse next year than this year . . . I think American farmers are doing their best to respond, but we can’t get fertilizer. The fertilizer prices have quadrupled. Diesel food has doubled. So many of the fertilizers and the herbicides we can’t even get right now.”

When will it end?

The World Bank forecasts global food prices will keep rising until the end of 2024.

To get through the troubling times ahead, it’s best to:

— stock up the pantry

— plant a garden

— get to know local farmers

Another way, for those who can afford it, is to stock up on long-lasting ’emergency food.’

‘Emergency food’ means food kits that last a long time — some for as long as 30 years.

If you want to explore the world of emergency food, millions of American families have already ordered from (ordering through this link and the links below benefits We Love Trump).

Their emergency food is so trusted, MyPatriotSupply is now the largest preparedness company in America.

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