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Australian Hospital System Reports Spike in Cardiac & Stroke-Related Patients; Over 200 People Going to Emergency Departments Per Day

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Albury Wodonga Health in Australia recently had a long weekend patient surge that forced the facility to declare a Code Yellow.

The medical staff struggled to treat hundreds of patients coming into emergency departments. More than 200 people per day went to emergency departments during this surge.

Chief operating officer Emma Poland said 227 people went to emergency departments on one day alone.

“People are unwell and needing emergency treatment,” she said.

“It’s really then about our capacity to see those patients in a timely way and then, when necessary, admit them into our acute hospitals.”

She reported the department experiencing a spike in category 2 patients.

What are category 2 patients?

Those with conditions like chest pain or possible stroke and requiring an urgent care response within 10 minutes of arrival.

Twitter users noted this shocking rise in category 2 patients rushing to Albury and Wodonga emergency departments: described the significance of a Code Yellow:

The only other time the health service has called a Code Yellow in recent history was in May 2021, and it remained in place for around a week.

“It’s not something we do lightly and it’s not something we do often,” Ms Poland said.

A Code Yellow indicates an internal emergency that can reduce the capacity for hospitals to function normally.

With people presenting for medical and surgical reasons, the hospital has had to reschedule some elective surgeries to alleviate pressure and allow for more emergency surgeries.

Ms Poland said, despite concerns, the surge in presentations was not unusual or unexpected.

“During a COVID outbreak, the number of presentations falls to emergency departments. Then there’s often a sharp increase after,” she said.

“What we see is there may have been people delaying treatment. During that time they’ve become more unwell and they present to our emergency department.”

All people presenting to emergency are being seen and Albury Wodonga Health urged the community not to be deterred when facing a medical emergency.

The report continues by discussing the impact of prolonged ambulance waiting times.

“We had patients on stretchers for prolonged periods of time. Obviously, that’s not good for our patients or our community,” Ms. Poland said.

The wait for emergency beds to free up and allow ambulances to respond to other calls is a growing concern for the facility.

While Albury Wodonga Health reports this spike in cardiac and stroke-related patients, Australian politicians continue pushing the COVID-19 jab down citizens’ throats.

Cairns News wrote and shared the following Rumble clip:

March 13th 2022 NSW Health Minister still selling Covid vaccinations as the body count from vaccination rises. Unless you are a Lemming sheeple, world statistics of these trial serums research online confirms this is a Hazzard warning of a medical moron ranting.

Australia is also pushing millions of citizens to get a 4th dose of the experimental COVID-19 shot.

Per Daily Mail:

Authorities are expected to sign off within days on a fourth Covid vaccine dose for almost five million Australians, and scrap plans to ease isolation rules amid a surge in Omicron cases.

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee is on Wednesday expected to discuss rolling out a fourth jab to combat waning immunity levels and a case spike driven by Omicron’s more transmissible sub-variant, BA.2.

The first groups expected to become eligible will include 4.2million Australians over the age of 65 and 500,000 people who are severely immuno-compromised, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The number of active Covid cases Australia wide reached 400,000 on Tuesday – double what it was at the start of the month.

Our World in Data reports that 82.4% of the Australian population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and 86.4% received at least one dose.

Nearly 50% of Aussies have taken a booster dose.

I wonder if Albury Wodonga Health staff or Australian officials will investigate a correlation between high COVID-19 inoculation rates and spikes in category 2 patients.

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