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Australia Inks Deal With Moderna to Build mRNA Manufacturing Plant in Melbourne

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Moderna continues stretching its mRNA tentacles around the world.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced a future Moderna mRNA manufacturing plant in Montreal.

Moderna to Build Montreal-Based Vaccine Manufacturing Facility That Can Produce Up to 100 Million mRNA Injections Per Year

Moderna also has plans to build an mRNA manufacturing plant in Australia.

Melbourne is the location for the future facility.

Similar to Canada’s mRNA plant, the Melbourne site intends to produce up to 100 million mRNA ‘vaccines’ per year.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported:

Australia will produce up to 100 million mRNA vaccines a year from 2024 under a 10-year multibillion-dollar deal inked between Moderna and the federal government.

The country’s first mRNA research hub and manufacturing facility will be built in Melbourne. The exact location is subject to negotiations between Moderna and the Andrews government.

Speaking at Monash University’s Clayton campus on Thursday morning, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said “mRNA before the pandemic began was largely looked on as almost science fiction, and now it’s a science reality”.

“And it’s a science reality here in manufacturing in Australia. There are a few countries in the world that have been able to get to this point through the course of the pandemic, and certainly none in the southern hemisphere.”

The Morrison government in December announced it had entered into an in-principle agreement with Moderna and the Victorian government. Thursday’s announcement was to mark the signing of contracts between the Commonwealth and the pharmaceutical giant, but Premier Daniel Andrews was not at the press conference despite the significance of the deal to Victoria and his government.

Put simply, mRNA teaches human cells how to make copies of the spike protein that triggers an immune response to fight off an illness.

Stephanie Seneff and Del Bigtree discussed the spike protein in this clip:

Despite the dangers of mRNA technology, Moderna has many other ‘mRNA medicines‘ in their pipeline.

Moderna Developing Future mRNA ‘Medicines’: COVID + Flu, Cancer, HIV, Autoimmune Hepatitis & Others

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